Nostromo Challenge Coin Concept

I have been at home for a few days while my wife has been recovering from surgery.  I spent a little bit of the time that she was asleep playing around with the idea of a Nostromo Crew Challenge Coin.  Military units, police and fire departments have challenge coins, and the corporate world even has their fair share of them.  They seem like a really cool bit of swag that would aid in crew cohesion, so I thought that the Nostromo Crew deserved one of their own.  Here is my take on what it would look like:

Nostromo Challenge Coin - Obverse

My design for the obverse side of a Nostromo Crew Challenge Coin. My thought was that the obverse would be the company branding with symbology appropriate for the division of the company. In this case with the departmental insignia for the different crew members. And yes, I shamelessly threw my own website address on there.

Nostromo Challenge Coin - Reverse

My design for the reverse side of the Nostromo Crew Challenge Coin. This was inspired by NASA crew patches, so I included the names of the crew and incorporated elements from the crew patch.

I was planning on having these produced so that I could give them out to a few of my friends who are Alien fans, but the cost for ten to fifteen of them is pretty close to the cost of having fifty of them made, and it is more than a bit outside what I am able to spend.  It is too expensive for ten, and I have no need for fifty of them, especially since I am sure I would be in violation of some sort of copyright law if I were to try to sell them.  Oh well, it was a cool idea anyway…