I got distracted…

So…It seems that I haven’t posted anything here in about a year.  Yeah–I got distracted.  I started working on non-Weylan Yutani (GASP!) type projects.  I spent some time working on designing a motion sensing sound board for a light saber, some more time being obsessed with Victorian Era British Militaria, took a trip to Alaska, etc.  In short I got distracted by other projects that have nothing to do with the Weylan-Yutani / Alien franchises.  I’ve also lost a lot of working space, which has made finding the space to work on big projects very difficult.

My last post here was about getting started on the EVA suit, but that project is going to require a lot of space to lay things out, which just isn’t available right now, so that got set aside.  It is amazing how time flies, because a whole year has blown by, and there is now less than a year left to prepare for DragonCon 2017.

I’ve got a list of projects I want to complete for 2017:

  • Remake the gold wings for my Nostromo costume in a more screen accurate fashion.
  • Build the Nostromo headset (possibly including BlueTooth connection to my cellphone to make it functional.)
  • Finish the 3D model and complete prototyping of the Nostromo watch.
  • Continue upgrading my Nostromo costume with small bits such as pen lights in pockets, finding the correct belt buckle, etc.
  • Complete my light saber build and put together a Jedi costume.
  • At least get started on the EVA suit build.  I don’t think I have time to complete it anymore…BLEH
  • Help my wife with any costuming projects she decides to undertake.

I’m sure the list will grow.  I need to find the space and get going…

Dragon Con 2015

So now that our 2015 Dragon Con is over, and I have made my first costuming effort, my initial reaction is to be a little bit bummed.  I spent the entire day Saturday in my Nostromo uniform, starting off in the Dragon Con Parade.  The parade was actually fun to see from the other side for once.  The crowds were absolutely enormous.  When you are sitting on the side of the road watching you see a LOT of people right around your spot, but when you actually walk the parade it really hits home how many people come out to see this thing.  The sidewalks are absolutely packed with people at least four to five rows deep for about 9/10 of a mile. Continue reading

Building Better Costumes – Why am I here?

Dallas consulting "Mother" on board the USCSS Nostromo.

Dallas consulting “Mother” on board the USCSS Nostromo.

I’ve been saying that I am going to make a costume for DragonCon for years now.  Naturally, it has never actually happened.  I don’t have anyone to blame but myself for that, but watching everyone else wander around in costume while I’m just mundane ol’ me has finally gotten to me.  THIS year, I WILL have a costume for DragonCon, and it is already in progress.

You might be able to guess from the URL for this website that the costume I have chosen comes from 20th Century Fox’s 1979 movie Alien, and you would be right!  I am going to go as Dallas, the ill-fated Captain of the USCSS Nostromo, registration number 180286.

Why Alien, you may ask?  To be honest, Alien was not the first movie of the series that I ever saw.  My father took me to see the second installment, Aliens, way back in 1986 when it was first released.  At the time I was just barely 12 years old, and the movie scared the poo out of me.  I remember having nightmares for at least a week, but I absolutely loved it!  Part of that may be the fact that, to my recollection, Aliens was the first and only movie my father asked if I wanted to go see.  Apparently he had seen Alien and liked it, so he wanted to see the sequel!  Sure, we went to other movies, but this one was his idea.  Being a typical boy of the times, I loved the Sci-Fi shoot-em-up action, and Aliens has been my all time favorite movie ever since.  I have considered making a Colonial Marine costume many times, but the armor and equipment required are a little daunting for a beginning costumer.  I have, of course, seen the original Alien since then and it has worked its way into my short-list of favorite movies.  So, one of my favorite movies, plus less complex costume to create than a Colonial Marine equals?  I’m going to be Dallas!

My blog is lagging a little bit behind my costume making progress, so I’m going to have to back-track here just a little bit.  I have already pretty much finished the white crew shirt, so the next few posts will be a little bit of a flash back to show what I’ve done so far.  It may be a little light on photos, because I didn’t take many, but I will do my best to make up for it with descriptions of what I have done.