Dragon Con 2015

So now that our 2015 Dragon Con is over, and I have made my first costuming effort, my initial reaction is to be a little bit bummed.  I spent the entire day Saturday in my Nostromo uniform, starting off in the Dragon Con Parade.  The parade was actually fun to see from the other side for once.  The crowds were absolutely enormous.  When you are sitting on the side of the road watching you see a LOT of people right around your spot, but when you actually walk the parade it really hits home how many people come out to see this thing.  The sidewalks are absolutely packed with people at least four to five rows deep for about 9/10 of a mile.

As characters from the Alien franchise, we were placed in the parade section with the Colonial Marines.  Unfortunately they didn’t seem too talkative; they were far more interested in being Marines it would seem.  There were a few other Weylan Yutani (or Weyland Yutani depending on the film) employees as well, including our friend Rich who had a pretty convincing portrayal of Brett.  It was fun checking out all of the costumes as the parade assembled.

I wore the Dallas costume for the rest of the day Saturday, but it doesn’t seem like very many people recognized it for what it was.  One guy I passed on the streets said it was a nice Nostromo outfit, and one lady in an elevator complemented the Nostromo Patch on my shirt sleeve, but I don’t know if she realized I was wearing the whole costume.  There was a girl dressed as Ripley (dressed as she was in Aliens, the second movie) that recognized the costume as I was standing in a corner to get out of the throngs of people in the Marriott Saturday night.  She seemed pretty nice, and invited me to the Aliens Legacy table to connect with other costumers from the Alien franchise, but unfortunately we didn’t have time the next day to drop by before we had to leave.  I have a feeling that most people could have thought I was dressed as an ice-cream salesman or a milkman or something.  I guess that comes from wearing a costume from a movie that was made in 1979.  I was a little bummed that so few seemed to recognize the costume after all the work that went into it.  In the end, I enjoyed making it, and still enjoy the movie, so that’s what is important.  We won’t be able to go back next year, but hopefully we’ll make it in 2017, which will give me plenty of time to add more props and details.

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