Nostromo Uniform — Dallas’s Belt

I was looking for something on the light side (by that I mean less work involved) to concentrate on for the last day or so, so I decided to tackle Dallas’s belt.  Even though it would appear there was something of an “official” belt for the crew of the Nostromo, there is remarkable variety in the belts each of the characters used to hold their pants up.  Ash and Kane would appear to be wearing what I am referring to as the Weylan Yutani issue belt.  To my eye it almost looks like a toggle style seat belt buckle with some “greeblies” and the appropriate departmental insignia attached.  Parker wears what appears to be some kind of woven belt.  I haven’t ever been able to pick out what kind of belt Brett wears, if any, as it always seems to be covered by his Hawaiian shirt.  Lambert doesn’t seem to wear a belt at all.  Dallas wears what looks like a British Regimental belt with a circular, silver colored buckle.  I have no idea what regiment is represented on the screen used belt, so I just set out to acquire something that would be the right shape and color.

Wiltshire Regiment Buckle

The Wiltshire Regiment buckle that I picked up to recreate Dallas’s belt from the movie. I like the enamel crest in the center.

A quick search found this regimental belt buckle on the ubiquitous auction site, eBay.  The one I got is from the Wiltshire Regiment and has a neat little white enamel crest in the center with the motto, “Honi soit mal y pense.”  Apparently the motto is an Anglo-Norman phrase meaning “Evil unto him who thinks evil of it.”  It seems like a fancy way of saying “if you don’t like us you can go stuff yourself.”  Anyway, it is the right shape and the right color, so it will serve my purposes in recreating Dallas’s belt from the movie. I ordered some 1-1/4 inch wide cotton canvas webbing in a dark green color the manufacturer refers to as “Hunter Green.”  I ordered a belt slide from the same place. The webbing ended up being a little on the thick side and was difficult to sew once folded into two or three layers.  The slide is pretty difficult to adjust, but I guess that is sort of the point.  It wouldn’t do any good if it didn’t stay in place; it’s job is to adjust the length of the belt and stay put, so I’m pretty happy with it.  I stole the little metal tip off of another belt to finish off the raw end and this little piece of my Dallas cosplay is done!  

Dallas's Belt Complete

The completed belt with Hunter Green cotton canvas webbing and The Wiltshire Regiment buckle.

Wings of Gold!

I had mentioned before that the gold wings Dallas wore on his crew shirt were some kind of Goldwork Embroidery, and that I would have to figure out how to make them.  Well, now it is done, and here is the epic tale of how it was accomplished:

Dallas's Gold Wings

The gold wings on Dallas’s shirt. They seem to be some kind of military style gold work embroidery.

I have only managed to find a single reference photo on the web.  At this point, I don’t really remember where it came from, but I am fairly certain it came from the RPF forums (If anyone sees this and knows the source for this reference, please let me know.  I would love to give image credit where it is due.)  From studying this photograph I pretty much decided that these were made using a technique called “Goldwork Embroidery.”  I then proceeded to search out the materials I would need to re-create these wings for my Nostromo Crew Shirt. Continue reading

Nostromo Crew Shoes — Final Touches

When we last left off with the shoes, all that remained was to attach the D-Rings to replace the eyelets for lacing.  Well, the D-rings have arrived, I picked up a package of little nickle plated rivets from the local Hobby Lobby along with a small piece of white vinyl.  The original plan was to use Chicago Screws to pass through the existing eyelets to hold a little loop of vinyl with the D-ring in place.  Unfortunately, the posts on the Chicago Screws are too large to pass through the eyelets, so I decided to go with a more permanent attachment: rivets.  I couldn’t find any rivets that were already white, so the nickle plated ones will have to get painted.

Rivet Holding Fixture

Drilling holes in a scrap piece of wood to hold the rivets for painting.

Those little rivets are too small to just hit with a spray can without scattering them to the four winds, so I needed a way to hold them in place.  The solution was to drill a bunch of holes in a scrap piece of poplar that was laying around the workshop and just friction press the little guys in place.  Now they could be hit with a spray can and not go flying.

Rivets for Nostromo Shoes -- Priming

Rivets, primed and ready for a coat of white. You can see my faithful helper in the background.

Because paint doesn’t really stick too well on nickle plated parts, I first primed them with a self-etching primer.  Three quick coats per the manufacturer’s recommendation, and the little guys were ready for a coat of white.  After a few coats of white paint, the rivets are ready to attach the D-Rings and finish up the alterations needed to complete these shoes! Continue reading