A little journey into the typography of Alien

There is not a whole lot going on with my costume at the moment, as I am still waiting on some supplies to arrive in the mail.  During the lull, I thought it might be nice to share an interesting blog I found while researching details for Dallas’s jacket–a project that is way out there on the edge of the radar right now.  The little mystery I was trying to solve was this: what font was used to silkscreen the ship’s name across the back of his jacket?  I found the answer, and a whole lot of other interesting tidbits about the movie Alien and its typography.  I really enjoyed this blog, and thought others might find it interesting as well!  Check it out:  Alien | Typeset in the Future

I also found another movie I need to watch.  There is a post on the same blog detailing the typography of a movie titled Moon.  I must admit that I haven’t read it, since it warns that it contains spoilers for the movie, but I will have to go back and check it out after watching the movie.

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